University Milestone Project

Recently, the ACGME began to require that all Residency Training Programs demonstrate that the Resident Physicians are routinely acquiring medical knowledge. As this requires the residencies to document this process, Rehab in Review has created this University Page that will allow for monthly on-line automated testing and scoring of these tests, which cover the articles in that month’s Rehab in Review. The University Program Directors will receive a report documenting the testing activity, and the scores of the monthly tests. We hope that this will assist with what some consider a burdensome and sometimes onerous requirement.


How it works – For Universities:

Universities will contact us by email at [email protected] to set up a “University Account” and can discuss the cost in doing so. Each university would be different, based on how many resident physicians there are. We will then set up a special access code for all their resident physicians to use when signing up for the Rehab in Review.

How it works – For Resident Physicians:

The Resident Physician will be given a special access code which will grant prepaid access to the monthly Rehab in Review Journal and exams for 12 months.